About the Save Our Surf Forecast campaign

The United States’ House Science, Space & Technology Committee is currently trying to f(r)@ck with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Trump(ed) up charges.

Now NOAA are the guys that run the wave buoys and the WaveWatch III “surf” forecasting model. So if you approve of this public service announcement please SPREAD THE WORD.

We saw the writing on the wall before the porky pie production line went into overdrive over the Super Bowl weekend. If you’re into surrealism see our sister site:

Alternative Facts Wetware™

If not here’s some slides of the timeline of the “NOAAGate scandal” from a personal perspective:


We “Tweeted” Congressman Dana Rohrabacher BEFORE all the “Climategate 2” and #NOAAGate sh1t hit the fan, to indicate we knew what he was up to. He probably doesn’t to bother to read his Twitter notifications. Even if he did read our somewhat surreal message I doubt he would have understood it.

Now for a little horror movie.  Watch very closely what Lamar Smith gets up to a couple of days later in a Congressional hearing:

A show trial of the American Association for the Advancement of Science? Congressman Lamar Smith presiding!

If you would like to comment on these disturbing developments please do so on our launch news release.

Thank you for your attention.